It’s nice to know that when something goes wrong, your coverage goes the distance.



Many homeowners don’t realize that actual cash value policies

subtract for wear and tear and depreciation.

With our Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage,

you’re covered —even if you need to rebuild your entire home.2

Sixty-four percent of homes are undervalued – and potentially underinsured – by 19%, according to Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, a leading provider of building cost data to real estate professionals. 2Guaranteed Replacement Cost applies to dwelling and requires home improvements over $5,000 to be reported within 90 days – not available with all policies and in all states. Coverage of costs to comply with laws or ordinances is subject to limits. Depreciation will be deducted until repair or replacement is made. Talk to an ERIE agent for more information.

Most every homeowner has some kind of insurance policy in place. Sadly, more than a few don’t understand the limits that come with their policy. You have coverage for jewelry, but does the worth of your valuables exceed what your insurance company will pay?

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to homeowners insurance. Let the professionals at Jayson Insurance tailor policies that fit your unique situation.

Every family has different risks, special possessions and unique needs that have to be addressed before purchasing coverage.

Flood: In general, most home-owners’ insurance policies do not afford coverage in the event of a flood. Through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) the National Flood Insurance Protection Act provides insurance coverage in the event of flooding.

Collectibles: One person’s junk is another person’s passion. It could be a treasure handed down from one generation to the next, or a passion for collecting coins, stamps or comic books. But there is one thing in common among all collectors: the desire to protect their labor of love or priceless investment. Does your homeowner’s policy provide the protection you need for your valuables? Our experienced licensed professionals can discuss the items you wish to protect and find ways to secure comprehensive coverage for your: Stamp Collections, Coin Collections, Fine Arts, Musical Instruments and so on.

We’ll show you how to conduct a household inventory and things to consider that most people overlook when purchasing homeowners insurance.


Homes, like people, come in all shapes and sizes:

  • A two-story suburban Colonial.
  • A trendy flat in an urban neighborhood.
  • A spacious doublewide.

Homeowner Policies Provided

  • Guaranteed replacement cost of dwelling.
  • Replacement cost on contents.
  • Back up of sewer drain coverage
  • Identity theft recovery and fraud reimbursement.
  • Theft, misplacement, or loss of jewelry, furs, silverware, guns and more.
  • Underground service line coverage, water, sewer, and gas.
  • Siding and roofing restoration.

Whatever your Home, Sweet Home, the point is it’s yours. We want to help keep what’s yours…well – yours.

We have policies from “A+” rated carriers offering homeowners type coverage for your apartment, condo or mobile home.